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Friday the 13th-I smell dead things..

Today is Friday the 13th, and I knew it right away with the horror and carnage I encountered first thing this morning. What horror and carnage you say? The kind that occurs when your Lab rolls on a dead raccoon carcass that’s about 6 days past the expiration date. It’s the kind of smell that slaps you in the face, then pulls your nostrils out 7 inches and then shoves a little more “stank” up there for good measure. Have you had such an experience? To make it worse, we were on our way here to the office when it occurred. Meanwhile the staff was enjoying their morning coffee, fruit, yogurt, etc while whistling something about TGIF. Then wham!!! Jake, carcass-roller extraordinaire barrels in with a little extra wag in his tail and nasty on his neck. Needless to say, thank heavens I own a company that makes a rubberized dog collar. A few minutes under the sink with coconut scented hand soap and life was good again....for the most part. There is still some mystery spots lingering on Jake’s body. He’s savoring those areas like a Now & Later. So here’s to Friday the thirteenth, dead bodies and all.

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