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Dog Survives Gas Chamber

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This is a heartwarming ending to what has become a tragic story that is being told, day after day in cities across the United States. 5-year old Beagle mix "Daniel" was set to be put to sleep via a gas chamber on Oct. 3rd at an Alabama shelter along with 18 other dogs. However, after the procedure was completed, one tail-wagging Daniel came waltzing out of the chamber as if nothing had happened. What's more incredible is that after tests and evaluations by local veterinarians, Daniel received a clean bill of health. Daniel received his name from his foster family, who drew inspiration from the biblical story of Daniel who walked out of the lion's den unscathed.

Unfortunately, miracles like these don't happen as often as we would hope. According to the Human Society of America, over 4 million dogs and cats will be euthanized this year, that's one animal every 8 seconds. Please consider adoption when looking for your next pet, so great little guys like Daniel won't need a miracle to keep them alive. Check out as well for a possible love connection in your area.

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