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The Cobbler's children have no shoes

My worst nightmare had come true. It was 7:00pm on Tuesday evening when I went to feed the dogs, Jake our lab, and Kona, our German Shepherd. Jake who never misses a meal was Jonny on the spot, or Jake on the Spot as it were.  However Kona is not food motivated and prefers to keep guard over the backyard and all things moving, living or not. However after repeated calls, no Kona. Turns out, my two young children 2 & 4 had been playing with Kona in the front yard around 5:00 and had then come inside, just without Kona. By the time I got the full story after returning from work, Kona had been missing for 2 hours. Heaven help me.

I spent 2 hours on a bike, another hour on foot, and a half a tank of gas in the truck until 2:00am. No sight of dear Kona, the muse for the creation of Dublin Dog Co, my private confidant and partner in crime. The morning began with more calls to Animal Care and Control, vet hospitals, and local community websites. NOTHING. After having passed out 150 flyers to neighboring homes I was about to crash at 5:00pm Wednesday. Then it came....a phone call and a jovial yet slightly trepidatious voice saying, “I just saw your flyer on my door and I think I have your dog”. Turns out a woman had seen Kona in front of her house and her young black lab went to play with Kona. She brought Kona inside and apparently kept her through the evening and then went to work on Wednesday before seeing my flyer when she returned home. Note, the caller lived less than 10 houses away down a side street.

The moral of the story, a simple dog tag would have solved that problem within the first 2 minutes of finding her. As the owner of a dog products company, my very own dogs have not had tags on simply because I change out their collars all the time. My rational was that they are always with me, be it at work or at home. Foolish thought! Accidents are just that, accidents and you need to be prepared for when they arise. So with about 5,000 dog tags just a few steps away in our warehouse, Jake and Kona will be getting some new swag today for their collars. Hell, I should be forced to wear one for the next two weeks that says “Foolish Owner”. Don’t be foolish, get your dog some sort of Pet ID, because even though our dogs are micro-chipped, this well intentioned person never called Animal Control to check. My phone number on a piece of metal would have fixed that. GET THE DIGITS ON THE DOG.

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  • Kristie

    I have two dogs... Doc and Lucy. Lucy has chewed off 3 ID tags of Doc's. Im certain she is trying to become an only child. I gave up on them, after reading this, I will order one right away. This is my worst nightmare as well. You mentioned that you change the collars a lot. I do as well. 4 years ago, I purchased this item from Petco... it was 2.99. Im happy to report that it still works, and makes changing collars a breeze.

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