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New Dog, New Direction

Today, December 13th I celebrate Kona's 8th birthday. It's funny, when I got Kona as a puppy I was obsessed with the German Shepherd Dog breed because of their intelligence, their loyalty, and their drive. Today those attributes still fascinate me, however it's her quiet presence and thoughtful and deliberate affection that has made me love her so much. The seed for Dublin Dog Co was planted on an idle Saturday morning while driving to a local dog park. That same drive and determination catapulted Kona out of the backseat of our SUV, through the slightly open window, and after a very confused squirrel chomping on some nuts next to the stop sign where we had just rolled up. Luckily Kona was not seriously hurt, and the squirrel, well lets just say he left more than his nuts on the ground when he sprung up the tree. That day began my quest down a path that took over 5 years to develop a device to keep her from jumping out or falling out of a car window. Today I own a utility patent on a device called "The Window Shepherd". Yet it was through that process that I began to think about dogs, my own and others, products, and this new found lifestyle of hiking, biking, and spending more and more time outdoors with my dog(s) and wife. Soon, the aha moment came for the Dublin Dog Co. back in 2006 and we launched in 2007. The rest is history as they say. If it wasn't for that dog, and that day, my life would never have taken the turn that it did. Go figure.

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