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Fresh Air Provides Fresh Perspective

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It’s that time of year again when the air gets a little more crisp, the leaves on the trees burst into brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and glorious reds and we take time to hit the trail. There’s something almost therapeutic about getting outdoors with your dog and enjoying what nature has to offer. We use the mantra “disconnect to reconnect”, meaning put down the iphone, unplug from your email and enjoy the exercise and inspiration that a day outside with your pet can provide…..for both of you.

In this line of thinking, you’ll note that Dublin Dog has been expanding our line of products built for the outdoors, and helping to foster great adventures on the go. From our new Nomadic series of pads & collapsible bowls, to our growing line of KOA collars (some of which take inspiration from trout-filled Carolina streams), we will continue to grow our offerings that help facilitate outdoor play.  So steal a page from us here at Dublin Dog and disconnect & reconnect to nature, to your dog, and to yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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