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The Science of Scent


As you may have heard, we’re a little obsessed with scent and odor over here, obsessed with eliminating it as much as possible that is. In fact, we’ve grown our brand from our meager beginnings in a spare bedroom back in early 2006 by creating the “Original All Style, No Stink” dog collar. Easy to clean, non-porous, and water tight materials created a barrier to help prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria on your dog’s collar. The ASNS collar as we refer to it was the catalyst behind our growth and the rest is history as they say.

Well we’re up to it again, except this time it’s about the scent of your sofa…. Your slumber series dog sofa. These beds are unique for several reasons. 1) They have a luxurious micro-fiber cover that’s easy to clean. 2) We use intelli-Loft™ recycled polyfill that is sewn into clump-free baffles to eliminate shifting. 3) We are using Scent-Lok® activated carbon alloy inside our polyfill. Our beds have incorporated cutting edge technology originally created in the scent elimination world  for hospitals, clinics, and even hunting sports. While we won’t bore you with a series of 6-syllable words, we will tell you what it means for you and our new Slumber series dog bed.  While you can clean your cover in the washing machine, how do you remove the odor from your large, polyfilled insert? Easy… you simply throw it in the dyer to reactivate the carbon alloy and the odor is eliminated. You can continue to do this every several months as you begin to detect odor from your insert. So let your dog be a dog, and get dirty, muddy, nasty, and stinky, we’ll continue to come up with ways to ensure your house doesn’t do likewise.

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