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The Dublin Dog Way

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We often say that Dublin Dog is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. That could not have been more true this past weekend in Wilmington, NC as the Dublin Dog Foundation, our 501C(3) non-profit presented a $25,000 check on behalf of 11-year old Lexi Haas of Charlotte, NC to cover the expenses of her new service dog “Gus”.

The Dublin Dog Foundation partnered with paws4people who are the driving force behind the actual breeding and training of the service dogs.  The process takes close to 1.5 years and begins with a highly selective breeding program that selects only the best traits for their labs and golden retrievers. These dogs then enter the federal prison system, you heard me right, where they are trained 24/7, 365 by female inmates who have earned the right to be admitted to this highly sought after program of highly skilled trainers. Finally, a “bump” occurs where potential recipients, including children with special needs, our Nation’s service men and women suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and everything in between meet the dogs. What makes this so unique is that the dogs choose the recipient, and not the other way around.  “When it’s right, it’s right and you just know”, says Kyria Henry, the CEO for paws4people.

So a huge thanks to the countless volunteers and Dublin Dog supporters who have helped to make this dream a reality for Lexi Haas and her family. Lexi is living with Kernicterus, which has left her wheelchair bound, and unable to speak. However, there is no denying her joy and the dramatic impact “Gus” has with her mobility, physical therapy, and overall companionship. So yes, Dublin Dog is more than just a brand, we’re a driving force in fostering the wonderful partnership between humans and their K9 companions. Lucky us!

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