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5 Ideas to Celebrate "Love Your Pet Day"

Dublin-Dog-Love-Your-Pet-DayYeah, we know Valentine’s Day was just a few days back, but did you know that today’s Love Your Pet Day? It's true,  we can’t make this stuff up! And since we’re sure you showed your best friend some love on the 14th, you’re probably wondering how you could possibly top it. Got you covered there, too, friends. There are lots of simple ways to show your dog some love!

EXPLORE THE 'HOOD: They know the words. As soon as you say it, their ears perk and their head tilts. This is quality exploring time for your dog. Don’t just spin ‘em around the block to “take care of business.” Take a new route, let him linger over that hydrant, visit a new park or trail, and if it’s kosher, let him go off leash. Show 'em that their world is bigger than their neighborhood block.


PLAY BALL: Pro ballers have just reported for Spring Training, but it’s almost always ball season for dogs. Just like people they need regular exercise, and the short, intense bursts that go along with a rousing game of fetch are an excellent complement to the steady, predictable pace of daily walks. Keep it interesting with Frisbees, sticks, or one of our own throw toys like the Gripple, Snoggz, or Bobb!

WINGMAN ADVENTURE: Some will argue that hanging their faces out the window puts dogs at risk for taking a bug - or worse - to the eye, but there’s no denying it; most every dog LOVES a good car ride. The wind in your face, great smells rushing by… what’s not to love, right? Just jingle the keys and they’ll bolt for the door. Talk about the ultimate wing man.  (Dublin Dog Disclaimer: We know you know, but don't leave your pup in the car during extreme weather - it's called Wingman for a reason!)

DD-Love-Your-Pet-Day-TumblePLAY TELEPHONE. You might now get much back but talk to your dog. Like that old RCA pup suggested, dogs do respond to their master’s voice. Even if they aren’t the most responsive, a dog can recognize the sound, tone and inflection of your voice, even if they don’t understand the words. Presuming, of course, they haven’t just eaten the sofa cushions or Mrs. Nesbitt’s prized marigolds, go ahead and tell them what a great dog they are in that voice you like to use. Not the high-pitched, whiny one. They hate that. And since we’re sure you’re wondering, the RCA dog’s name is Nipper!

DOGGIE TUMBLE TAKEDOWN: Horseplay, rough-housing, wresting - whatever you want to call it - it's how puppies play. Vets and trainers will tell you this is a natural extension of how dogs like to interact. Even when they’re older, dogs still like to tumble, roll, and go all WWE. So let the games begin!

Dog parks, doggie “play dates” or a special treat. The list could go on and on! You know what a special friend you’ve got in your dog. Show ‘em the love!

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