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Founder & Top Dog of Dublin Dog Co.

The beautiful thing about small business is that you can break all the rules, and so we plan on taking full advantage of that here at Dublin Dog Co. Why hire some high falutin marketing genius to come up with the names of our newest "Original All Style, No Stink" dog collars when we have you? Who knows more about dogs, fun, and what feels right then the very folks who use and adore our products? That's right, NOBODY! So welcome to your first day on the job. We need you,  your friends and family, including your dogs to vote on the various options for the five new color ways that will be introduced in the Spring of 2012.  Simply visit our Facebook "You name the collar" section and place your vote. There are three name options for each color way that were provided by our fans. So go ahead, step up to the plate and set the course for the collection. It's all you!!!

Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson has made a splash with dog lovers everywhere by creating these whimsical and brilliant motifs. The 11.6" x 16.4" prints feature six different images, perfect for complimenting your various moods and personalities. Read more on this designer through the great design site, The Designer Pad.

THE lucky day is almost here. Celebrate St. Patrick's with plenty of great Dublin Dog Co gear and get lucky for an afternoon! Who says you have to hail from Dublin to enjoy the luck of the Irish? Note all Dublin Dog hats, shirts, and Lots O' Luck collars are currently on sale. Get 'em now before some other lucky bastard beats you to it!

Gang, we've all heard it a thousand times, a tired dog is a happy dog (and a happy owner). So why is this the case and what is it about a walk that can do so much good for you and your dog? Let's explore:

1) It's great exercise for you both. Unlike running, it's easier on your knees and joints just as it is with your dog. It allows you both to remain in control while increasing your heart rate and blood flow.

2) It's a wonderful way to establish that you're the alpha in your home and outside; you control the pace, the scenery, and the reward spots (where they get to linger, sniff, snarl, and sample). By using a fixed leash versus the longer, corded retractable leash you can maintain more control over your dog without the risk of rope burn when they tend to lurch forward or want to check out what's going on at their 3 o'clock.

3) Dogs like routine. I know for me, there's nothing better than winding down the night than with a nice brisk walk after dinner with Jake and Kona. We have the same route on our evening walks which is 1.3 miles (i just had to google map it). We pass a great bed & breakfast with amazing gardens, past a stacked stone wall where Jake must always pee and Kona must always climb to the top, and finally to a wild patch of bamboo where Kona loves to climb in a pee. I think she likes the reeds rubbing against her belly. It's routine and each of us looks forward to it as a way to cap off our evening and a way to settle our stomachs before bed.

4) Walks are good for the brain. While I didn't have to consult the New England Journal of Medicine for this one, I simply know that it works for me and I think it stimulates my dog's brain as well. There is nothing like a walk, without the phone, without a computer, without an agenda. Here's a time to clear your head of the clutter and try to fill it with what you intend and what you desire versus your concerns. There is something about exercise, being outdoors, and inhaling fresh air that allows you to think more clearly and open up to fresh ideas. And who better to be your muse than your dog.

Here's a sneak peek of the new movie "Darling Companion" set to be released on April 20th. From the director of the Big Chill, it showcases the love between a woman and her dog, and the husband that loses it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll certainly want to snuggle up to your own dog by the end. Looks like a touching that I'm sure Dublin Dog fans will appreciate.

Courtesy of Dogster Dogblog.

Snowy weather poses a challenge for those of us who want to maintain our sense of style — but I’m a firm believer that frigid temperatures don’t mean you have to get frumpy just to stay warm. In fact, winter weather offers a unique opportunity for you and your pooch to have fun piling on your fashion finds.

This week’s Dogster Picks cover the practical yet stylish pieces you and Fido will need to look smart in the snow.

1. Dublin Dog No-Stink Collar — Dublin Dog’s collars are made from a blend of synthetic polymers that won’t absorb moisture. Your dog will be able to play in the snow without having to deal with a wet and cold collar.

2. Windsor Wool Sweater — Every dog needs a great winter sweater to keep him warm. I love the old ski cabin look of this one.

3. REI Classic Dog Pack — A stroll through the snow will probably mean you and your dog will need more supplies than usual. This durable dog pack iwill hold everything your snow dog will need.

4. Orbee-Tuff Snowball — Perfect for the pup who wants to play with the snow year-round!

5. Pet Life Parka — This waterproof parka is the ultimate jacket for dogs who live in snowy climates. It’s waterproof and extra-warm, so you can be sure your doggy is happy and comfortable.

6. Mat Dog Bed with Carry Sack — This go-anywhere bed is water-resistant and well-insulated. In other words, it’s the perfect pad for your dog to crash on when he comes in from jumping through snow piles.

7. Echo Fair Isle Neck Warmer — Scarves and neck warmers might just be my favorite winter accessories. I love the extra volume and print they give to an outfit. If you’re looking for a chic print that will go with everything, nothing screams winter chic like a great Fair Isle print.

8. The A&F Skinny Jean — Looking for a pair of jeans that will fit comfortably inside your boots? Skinny is the way to go! This affordable pair from Abercrombie and Fitch looks great, and is made with a heavier denim to keep you warm.

9. Aigle Ecuyer Boots — These boots may look like expensive leather you would never dream of wearing in the snow, but they’re actually made of rubber and lined with a quick-drying material, making them ideal for trekking through seasonal terrain.

10. Steve Madden Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Parka — A great parka is a snowy climate must. Be sure to look for one that cinches at the waist, like this one, to make it figure flattering. There’s no need to go out looking like a marshmallow.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA (December, 2011) – Dublin Dog announced that Dogorama will be their newest distributor in the United Kingdom.   Dogorama will be in charge of expanding the Dublin Dog brand throughout the UK, while also providing faster, more efficient service to those customers throughout the EU.

"We're thrilled to have Dogorama as our newest distributor in the UK,” said Jason Watson, founder of Dublin Dog Co. “I feel their diverse background in technology and social media coupled with their passion for dogs and unique pet products is the perfect recipe for success. They understand that our products are more than just a commodity, but that they represent a certain type of lifestyle."

Before Dogorama started the founders launched Pet Pupz in early 2008, which is a Facebook game that allows users to adopt a virtual puppy. This was one of the first games to implement virtual currency and went from having 0 daily users to 30,000 within a few weeks. It then grew quickly to 150,000 daily players and has since gained a total of more than 3 million installs.

Then, they started in January 2010 as a general retail store supplying dog, cat and small animal products, which focus on high quality products that the company endorses and recommends to other pet lovers. They are now distributing Dublin Dog through their new business

"Dublin Dog is a fantastic brand with an ethos that really stands out,” said Matt Beswick, co-founder of Dogorama. “We really can't wait to get started and look forward to supporting what is sure to be massive growth over the coming months and years."

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