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We are thrilled and honored to have been included in the April edition of Backpacker Magazine's "Gear Guide".  Dublin Dog Co is making a serious push in 2010 to go after more of a lifestyle market, for those folks who love the outdoors and enjoy making their dog(s) a part of that passion. And speaking of passion, we have been throwing our hearts and souls into new product development, new categories, and a fresh perspective on interacting with our customers. So thank you Backpacker Magazine, and thank you to our loyal customers who continue to give us wonderful and critical feedback. We are the LUCKY ONES!!!

DD Recycle Logo_flat

All of us at Dublin Dog Co. are committed to helping put a little balance back in our lives. Our Re-cycle / Re-Gift program is designed to help us Re-focus our efforts to those in need, be that a dog in distress, or doing what we can to protect the natural resources of our environment. Simply return your old, damaged Dublin Dog collar and we'll recycle the polymers and metal hardware and properly dispose the waste to protect our environment. Perhaps you're ready to trade up for the newest fashion from Dublin Dog? Return your gently used dog collar (Dublin Dog or other) and we'll re-gift that collar to a dog in need at local shelters and rescue groups. Either choice helps balance the equation and does something positive that you can feel good about. Be on the lookout for this logo on our homepage and the associated return form to submit your collar.

We will provide you with a coupon code for 15% off your next Dublin Dog "Original All Style, No Stink" dog collar. From all of us at Dublin Dog Co, thank you for your efforts. So what are you waiting for? Let's Re-Focus our energy today, to make a positive change!

We love the guys over at Unleashed Unlimited and we throw out big "props" to Boomer for his aquatic acrobatics. Better yet, we love the neckwear he's sporting for the agility. Nothing says dog, more than good times in the water. How are you spending your Summer? Write and tell us what activities you love doing with your dog! Thanks again to the folks over at Unleashed Unlimited for sharing Boomer with us. Nicely Done!!!

Twitter TasticIf you just can't seem to get enough of Dublin Dog Co, then you can join us on Twitter under the name DublinDogCo. So tweet until your throat hurts. We want to share our good news with all of our followers. Hear about our specials, discounts, insider news, etc.  Now excuse me as I make my way to a branch to tweet about our new specials happening this June!  I wouldn't stand directly under my branch, I had blueberries at lunch.... Tweet Tweet

Our new baby has been delivered after 6 months of pushing, some screaming, and a few choice expletives. However, we think she's a beauty. However, it's up to you our loyal followers, fans, and even skeptics to give us your feedback. We want your experience to be a fantastic one, and we look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions, and ideas for the site, based on it's overall navigation, and ease of use.  For our RETAILERS, we now have a one page checkout, so you can place your order in minutes without jumping from page to page. Check out the bottom navigation once you've registered.  I know, how lucky are you? Check back often for new products, new features, and a whole new level of.......lucky!

We're happier than a dog rolling in the mud!  Our new website has officially launched and we couldn't be more excited.   The design is updated, the store and photogallery are streamlined, and we now have a blog!   Feel free to leave comments on the new Website and let us know what you think!

It’s Friday afternoon and the work week is almost over….at least for some. However when you’re fortunate enough to love your job, no day is ever truly work in the traditional sense. I’m heading out this weekend to meet up with fabricator extraordinaire, Brock Warwick. Brock has volunteered his time to help create the Dublin Dog Foundation dream sidecar. This sidecar will be part of a major fundraising drive to raise enough money to provide a disabled individual with a service dog, while our donation will go to cover every expense for the life of the dog, as well as the dog itself. Anyhow, you’ll hear a lot more about that in the very near future. Back to the point, I’m heading out to meet up with Brock to see our progress and to then determine the final paint scheme for the bike and sidecar. I’m very excited. It’s taken me over a year to bring this idea to life, but now we’re almost there and I’m so pumped. Be sure to check out the Dublin Dog Foundation website and blog for more details.

We at Dublin Dog have built our company based on feedback, suggestions, and just swappin’ stories with our customers and friends. So I suggest that you use this blog as a way to stay in touch with other’s like you, who love their dogs and enjoy making them a part of their everyday lives. So if you’ve been inspired by your dog, have something funny to share, or just want to talk to other folks, please post your thoughts. We’re all about sharing and we’re thrilled to have you as part of our extended family.

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