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Pet Stories

Our 'pack' is continuously growing and we are absolutely stoked to introduce our Dublin Dog Ambassadors! These dog-lovin', outdoor-crazed folks and their active dogs represent us across the country by featuring and reviewing our products, blogging about Dublin Dog adventures and holding events featuring our exciting brand of active dog products. We interviewed our Ambassadors and will be featuring each of them (and their active pups!) here on our blog.

ameliakatmai1Our first featured Ambassador is Amelia Mayer and her 9 year old yellow lab, Katmai, from Yellowstone National Park, WY. They are living the Dublin Dog life in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Here's a look into their lives and the adventures they unleash almost every day...

DD: Complete the following: every day my dog and I…
AM: Walk, play at the playground and sometimes bike or run.

DD: What is your favorite thing about your dog?
AM: He loves to play and be a part of our family.

DD: What are your favorite places to go with your dog?
AM: Hiking – he’s happiest there off-leash and exploring.

DD: What are your favorite outdoor activities to do with Katmai?
AM: …hike, ski and walk!

DD: What is a fun fact about life with you and Katmai?
AM: The kids love him and he loves them.

DD: What is one thing you would never do without your dog?
AM: Camp first and foremost – he loves it and we love the added protection for the kids especially.

DD: Describe your dog’s ideal day…
AM: Waking up, going on a walk, hiking in the mountains and camping!

DD: What is the one thing your dog loves to do more than anything in the world?
AM: Go after a Frisbee:)

DD: What is your favorite Dublin Dog product and why?
AM: I love the Nomad pad! It’s the perfect bed for us to bring camping or traveling. Katmai still has his spot and we’re not bogged down by a giant bed!

DD: What is one sentence that you would use to sum up Dublin Dog?
AM: Products made for an outdoor lifestyle that fit active and happy dogs!

DD: Our Tagline is “Unleash Your Next Adventure”. Describe what that means to you and how it translates into the way you live your life?
AM: We are all about adventure in our family – Katmai fits right in on that! As a family, we love to explore and try new things (all outdoors, of course) and we believe adventure brings families closer together!

DD: Why is the Dublin Dog way of life a great fit for you?
AM: It is exactly what we live for – adventure without boundaries and exploration!

DD: ONE MORE…write your own question that you wish we’d ask and answer it.
AM: What’s your dog’s favorite weather? Katmai HATES being hot (just like the rest of us) and will jump in a lake or river with ice still on it. He looks for shade wherever he can find it and is happiest in the snow or cool temperatures!

Here's a sneak peek of the new movie "Darling Companion" set to be released on April 20th. From the director of the Big Chill, it showcases the love between a woman and her dog, and the husband that loses it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll certainly want to snuggle up to your own dog by the end. Looks like a touching that I'm sure Dublin Dog fans will appreciate.

As some of you may know, I have been on both sides of the fence recently when it comes to lost pets. Last month, our German Shepherd Kona went missing for 24 hours, after wandering down the street while playing with a young lab. Surely I thought with a microchip she'll be home in no time once somebody calls 311, our number for Animal Care and Control. However this individual, thoughtful as she was merely brought our dog into her home to play with her dog and kept her for the night. Meanwhile, I walked, biked, and hiked through the night (she saw a flyer on her door and called the next night).  Now, just this Monday morning I found this little girl wandering the street in front of my home. As I was loading the dogs up for work, she came up to say "hello", and "I'm lost". I heard her loud and clear and the steps were in motion. Trips up and down the street on a leash, a visit to the vet to see if she was micro-chipped (no), and several dozen flyers placed throughout the neighborhood. Having learned from my own experience, we called Animal Care & Control and filed a report, however we opted to keep her at our house versus having her go live in a kennel throughout the holidays. As of this writing, she's still with us. I'm desperately telling myself that she merely ran away or got loose, as I would hate to think that somebody has abandoned her on purpose. However, a microchip, a tag, or tattoo would've remedied this situation with one phone call.

Here's a great little story on a reunion that was made possible after 3 years apart. During the holidays, please don't lose sight of your little friend(s) amidst the hustle and bustle of the season. And please, be sure to identify your dog(s) to the extent which you're comfortable, it could be the greatest gift you give YOURSELF.

At the Dublin Dog Co., we're all about getting out there and being active with your dog(s). But hey, we understand that sometimes work obligations, kids, errands, etc get in the way of the hike, the game of fetch, or the run around the neighborhood. Well just take a page from our parents when we were young, "just go outside and play. Use your imagination, and get your finger out of your nose", something like that anyways. Well this little guy has done just that. Lacking an active participant, this dog finds a clever way to enjoy a game of fetch old school style. There's no Chuckit, no auto-feeding, ball-dispensing gadget, just a dog, a ball and a willingness to make it work. Cheers to having go PLAY!

So the swing of Spring is certainly here, with days in the Carolinas (Dublin Dog’s Headquarters) already reaching the mid 80’s. That’s got me thinking, how do I get out there and enjoy the wonderful weather, while at the same time giving the dogs a new form of exercise and excitement?

While many of us are already contemplating bathing suit season, and “finally” getting in shape, let’s discuss some new ways of doing just that with your best exercise buddy, your dog.

Bikejoring- Think urban mushing on streets or trails versus snow. This is a great low impact exercise for you; bicycling, and some wonderful running for your dog. This may take some getting used to, however for those breeds, human and canine alike that want to get out there, this could be your calling.

Rollerblading- Now don’t go and pull out your walkman, knee high socks, and daisy dukes, this is active blading. I’ve found this to be a blast, however ensure that your brake pad is in good shape and that you’re in control of your own actions before introducing a dog into the equation. I’ve also done this with a longboard style skateboard and have had a great time. My dogs love it, however I've found it easier to do the longboard while only having one dog pull, versus both. With two big breed dogs, I've picked up some serious speed and got the speed wobbles. Should have been on youtube, you would have died laughing.

The main thing this Spring is to find activities that make you sweat and increase your heart rate while allowing your dog(s) to get some much needed exercise in the process. Be sure to check with your vet to ensure your dog is in good health prior to establishing a routine.

What’s your favorite routine? How many times a week do your exercise with your dog? Below is a video from youtube showing a bikejoring club up in Boston.

A brand new batch of photos were added to the Dublin Dog photo page today. Be sure to continue to send in your photography and we'll add them to the Dublin Dog Diggidy photo gallery. Any great shots from the weekend? What about a crazy Roxxter in the air with kibble falling out while the dog waits in reckless anticipation as the sun cascades off their nose? Yea....No? Oh well, shoot what you got and share it with the rest of us crazy dog lovers!


We love the guys over at Unleashed Unlimited and we throw out big "props" to Boomer for his aquatic acrobatics. Better yet, we love the neckwear he's sporting for the agility. Nothing says dog, more than good times in the water. How are you spending your Summer? Write and tell us what activities you love doing with your dog! Thanks again to the folks over at Unleashed Unlimited for sharing Boomer with us. Nicely Done!!!

You can almost smell the salt air now, the breeze on your face, and the sand in your toes, eerr paws. I know my two dogs are thrilled with the warm weather, the longer days, and the brilliant sunshine. It makes them want to BARK, throw your tail up and BARK, hey hey hey hey....Wait I digress.  In the spirit of vacations, and all things fun, tell us what you are doing this Summer. Are your furry friends included? What's their favorite thing to do in the Summer? Be sure to include them in our Photo Gallery. I'll create a special folder to spotlight our Summer Shananigans. Don't forget the boat drinks, suntan lotion, biscuits, and of course your Original All Style, No Stink Dog Collar.  Dublin Dogs on the Beach

Now this is our definition of a true sports dog. A big Dublin Dog shout out to this little fella and his owner for enjoying the outdoors to its fullest. This cracks me up. This dog has more skills than me, much less my two crazy dogs. We want to party with Pete. Does your dog have a special skill? Tell us about it. What's the most fun thing you like to do with your dog?

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