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We’re watching, arguably, some of the hardest-working dogs in sport go at it this week in the Iditarod, the nearly 1,000 mile dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Right now, mushers and their teams are just over a third of the way through the course that covers some of the most unforgiving territory - and weather - on the planet. Close to 1,000 dogs started the race, spread over 69 teams, and more than three quarters of them are still going at it. Freezing temperatures, bitter winds, snow and ice - all over surfaces that require boots just to keep from turning the dogs’ feet into hamburger. And the dogs likely wouldn’t have it any other way. For that reason, mushers say the “Alaskan Husky” is a special breed, if not an officially recognized one. They’re strong, quick, efficient, and have the internal desire to just go, go, go.

Amazing, really.

While some dogs may have been bred to satisfy the cosmetic desires
of royalty or fashion over the centuries, most breeds can trace their roots, disposition and other particular characteristics to the jobs their ancestors once held. For thousands of years, man has enlisted the the help of his best friend as everything from hunting partner to palace guard, and to chase rats from sewers, or keep the cows - and the kids - in line. Long noses, thick coats, broad chests, or other physical properties we associate with certain breeds once served a specific purpose or duty our forefathers saw as invaluable. Coupled with a dog’s intelligence, loyalty and desire to please, it’s easy to see how they earned the moniker “man’s best friend”.

Experts say those internal drivers are still there, whether or not they’re being exercised. Dogs, like people, need purpose. While some may actually enjoy being paraded around in purses, most dogs still instinctually search for their role in the family or pack. You may not have a herd of cattle for your dog to rustle, but the doesn’t mean you can’t channel their natural talents into a positive and rewarding job for them to do. Retriever types want to naturally “retrieve.” Building regular games of fetch into their routine can help scratch that itch. Running breeds make excellent partners for your outdoor excursions. Or bring your dog along for routine errands like trips to the mailbox, to the bank or the coffee shop. They’ll begin to see themselves as escorts for these all-important trips. Do some homework and find the “jobs” that best matches your breed’s still set. Chances are, you’ll both be rewarded for the effort with a more satisfying relationship. And it sounds a whole lot easier than pulling a sled across Alaska.

DD-Dog-Treat-DayThere's probably not a Hallmark card for it, but then again, we haven’t looked. But if dogs could read, we guarantee they'd have today circled on the calendars. History’s a little sketch on the origin of this one, but National Dog Biscuit Day - not to be confused with National Banana Bread Day - comes around every year on February 23rd. Yep, there’s a day for everything. So if you’re looking for a reason to pass out the treats, here you go!

Nowadays, dog treats come in gabillions of sizes, shapes and flavors, but the history of dog biscuit itself is as unassuming as humble pie. SprattsAs the story goes, the market went unchallenged for decades, essentially owned by an electrician-turned-dog-treat-baker named Spratt who brought his product to market before the Civil War under the banner Spratt’s Patent Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes. Yum! It wasn't until the turn of the century when a struggling brand known as Maltoid from the Bennet Biscuit Company made a scene when it formed its biscuits in the shape of, you guessed it, a bone. The milk, mineral and meat-product biscuit eventually became known as Milk-Bone. We’d have to guess they had some much better folks in the marketing department.

Today, there’s plenty of competition for your dog’s fancy and taste buds. ASNS-Tahitian-4Flavored treats hit the scene when Wally and the Beaver were in Prime Time, now there’s likely no flavor or texture that hasn’t been tried. We always thought “dead bird” and “litter box” would be no-brainers as far as the dogs were concerned, but dogs don’t have wallets. Couldn’t be any tougher than marketing Spratt’s biscuits, though. And when it comes to the claim that this treat or that is “better tasting”… we asked a pal who works at a big food company and he says the test dogs don't fill out a survey, but they have their way of selecting what they like best. (Doggie dream job!)

If the news of National Dog Treat Day caught you by surprise - and treatless, no worries. Here are some homemade dog treat recipes from the good folks at The Honest Kitchen. Get your Martha Stewart on and whip up a batch of homemade treats and celebrate! And if you’re a day late, don’t sweat it. Remember: dogs don’t have calendars.

Dublin-Dog-Love-Your-Pet-DayYeah, we know Valentine’s Day was just a few days back, but did you know that today’s Love Your Pet Day? It's true,  we can’t make this stuff up! And since we’re sure you showed your best friend some love on the 14th, you’re probably wondering how you could possibly top it. Got you covered there, too, friends. There are lots of simple ways to show your dog some love!

EXPLORE THE 'HOOD: They know the words. As soon as you say it, their ears perk and their head tilts. This is quality exploring time for your dog. Don’t just spin ‘em around the block to “take care of business.” Take a new route, let him linger over that hydrant, visit a new park or trail, and if it’s kosher, let him go off leash. Show 'em that their world is bigger than their neighborhood block.


PLAY BALL: Pro ballers have just reported for Spring Training, but it’s almost always ball season for dogs. Just like people they need regular exercise, and the short, intense bursts that go along with a rousing game of fetch are an excellent complement to the steady, predictable pace of daily walks. Keep it interesting with Frisbees, sticks, or one of our own throw toys like the Gripple, Snoggz, or Bobb!

WINGMAN ADVENTURE: Some will argue that hanging their faces out the window puts dogs at risk for taking a bug - or worse - to the eye, but there’s no denying it; most every dog LOVES a good car ride. The wind in your face, great smells rushing by… what’s not to love, right? Just jingle the keys and they’ll bolt for the door. Talk about the ultimate wing man.  (Dublin Dog Disclaimer: We know you know, but don't leave your pup in the car during extreme weather - it's called Wingman for a reason!)

DD-Love-Your-Pet-Day-TumblePLAY TELEPHONE. You might now get much back but talk to your dog. Like that old RCA pup suggested, dogs do respond to their master’s voice. Even if they aren’t the most responsive, a dog can recognize the sound, tone and inflection of your voice, even if they don’t understand the words. Presuming, of course, they haven’t just eaten the sofa cushions or Mrs. Nesbitt’s prized marigolds, go ahead and tell them what a great dog they are in that voice you like to use. Not the high-pitched, whiny one. They hate that. And since we’re sure you’re wondering, the RCA dog’s name is Nipper!

DOGGIE TUMBLE TAKEDOWN: Horseplay, rough-housing, wresting - whatever you want to call it - it's how puppies play. Vets and trainers will tell you this is a natural extension of how dogs like to interact. Even when they’re older, dogs still like to tumble, roll, and go all WWE. So let the games begin!

Dog parks, doggie “play dates” or a special treat. The list could go on and on! You know what a special friend you’ve got in your dog. Show ‘em the love!


As the holidays approach, we've been lucky enough to make a few "gift guides" this year and we love the positive feedback we've been getting in product reviews! Nice to see it's not just us who like what we make. Here's the rundown:

fs_logoField & Stream "Sportsman's Wish List: 30 Great Holiday Gifts for Fishermen" 

Don't lie; you like Christmas shopping for the dog as much as you do your family and friends. So spruce Rover up with a wicked trout pattern color from Dublin Dog. You might be thinking, "I've seen those before." Not these you haven't. Unlike traditional cloth collars that can get nasty and stink up the place if Ajax is an active K-9, the KOA collars are coated in medical-grade urethane that makes them 100% water-resistant and dirtimpenetrable.
Read that, "no odor-causing bacteria growth, so no dogs with stank necks." The collars are available in brook, brown, and rainbow trout patterns (and other more fashion-show-like patterns but c'mon, you know the dog wants the trout).

Gear Patrol's Best Winter Dog Gear Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 4.51.30 PM
We’ve been testing the KOA collars from Dublin Dog on our backcountry climbing and fishing trips this year; we wouldn’t send our hound anywhere without one. The smooth, waterproof finish is the perfect material for wet, cold environments. It doesn’t absorb any moisture (and more importantly, odor) like a conventional nylon or leather collar, extending its lifetime greatly. Each production run is tested to 1,200 pounds of pull strength, so even the strongest retriever or hound will stay firmly in line. Did we mention they come in stylish trout prints?

Outdoor Hub's Best of the Best in Outdoor Clothing
Outdoor Hub
What would a good holiday guide be without including something for our four-legged friends? The Koa Collar is a great choice for the active canine in your family. They are super-tough with a 1,200-pound pull strength, making it perfect all-around outdoor dog collar.

8 Great Camping and Stocking Stuffers from Practical Travel Gear logo
Dublin Dog KOA collars: For the outdoor-loving dogs in your life, how about outfitting them with waterproof collars that don’t stink? Not even after months and months? Our two dogs have been sporting designs from Dublin Dog’s Trout line since summer, and I am sold! They won’t ever wear another type of collar. The KOA material repels dirt and grime, and the collars really do stay fresh-smelling.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide from the American Park Network's
If you know someone who loves to take their dog along as they explore the great outdoors, then grab them a KOA collar from Dublin Dog. The collar’s state of the art finishing process makes it impenetrable to dirt, moisture and odor-causing bacteria—a huge bonus if the dog in question loves to roll in the dirt or traipse through streams.

Active Gear Review - Nomad Pad Product Review
If your dog goes on as many adventures as you do, then they need gear to keep them going. The Dublin Dog Nomad Pad let’s your dog get a goodnight’s sleep so that they are ready for the next days’ outing…. Overall, the Dublin Dog Nomad Pad has been a extremely handy dog bed that can be used at home, in the car, and at our final adventure, wherever that may be.




We’re all familiar with winterizing our homes & vehicles as the cold weather starts to approach, but have you considered the necessary steps & precautions to take for your dog? The brisk winter weather, coupled with a series of joyous holidays can take it’s toll on your dogs health & well-being. Here are a few steps to take to ensure your dog has a wonderfulwinter season.

Nail Care- Your dog’s nails should be just shy of touching the ground when walking. If you hear that clickidy-clack sound of her nails walking down the hall, it’s time for a mani. Consult your vet to ensure you know the proper angle and depth to cut so as not to cut the quick. Long nails on slippery surfaces can get caught andhung up on debris. Go military style and keep ‘em high and tight.

Pad Care- For those of you who experience lots of snow and ice, you’re probably used to rock salt and chemical ice-melters. While these products do help save your back from the shovel, they can wreak havoc on your dog’s pads. Consider rubbing a little petroleum jelly (vasoline) on his paws prior to taking that walk along citysidewalks, street, and driveways that have been exposed to these harsh elements.

Also trim the excess hair from in between your dogs paws. These hairs act as magnets for mini-snowballs (little dingle-bells) and other foreign objects causing irritation and general annoyance.

Exposure to the Elements- While we all love a little winter wonder, playing in the snow, throwing ice-balls at our neighbors, but it’s important to watch your dog’s core temperature during outdoor romping. If you have an outdoor dog, ensurethat your shelter is faced away from a draft and place a barrier between the ground and your dog. Consider a Nomad Pad, or even cut carpet to lift the dog up from the permafrost layer.  Dogs with short or course hair are more susceptible to wind chill and possible frostbite, so consider a vest or fleece-type pullover for those extremely bitter nights.

Holiday Hazards- During the holidays we love to deck the halls with garland, beautiful ornaments,  and perhaps even a little mistletoe for a quick smooch session. Be careful, plants like Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettias are poisonous to dogs, so remove them from areas where your dog might be enticed to take a nibble. Further, if you have a younger or overlycurious pup, consider moving your delicate ornaments up beyond their reach if decorating a tree. Note that to many puppies, the bright shiny round ornament may look like her favorite throw toy. So drop the garland and grab a Gripple!

From our pack to yours, we wish you the happiest of Winter Seasons.

DD Foundation-2 DD Foundation-3 DD Foundation-1

We often say that Dublin Dog is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. That could not have been more true this past weekend in Wilmington, NC as the Dublin Dog Foundation, our 501C(3) non-profit presented a $25,000 check on behalf of 11-year old Lexi Haas of Charlotte, NC to cover the expenses of her new service dog “Gus”.

The Dublin Dog Foundation partnered with paws4people who are the driving force behind the actual breeding and training of the service dogs.  The process takes close to 1.5 years and begins with a highly selective breeding program that selects only the best traits for their labs and golden retrievers. These dogs then enter the federal prison system, you heard me right, where they are trained 24/7, 365 by female inmates who have earned the right to be admitted to this highly sought after program of highly skilled trainers. Finally, a “bump” occurs where potential recipients, including children with special needs, our Nation’s service men and women suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and everything in between meet the dogs. What makes this so unique is that the dogs choose the recipient, and not the other way around.  “When it’s right, it’s right and you just know”, says Kyria Henry, the CEO for paws4people.

So a huge thanks to the countless volunteers and Dublin Dog supporters who have helped to make this dream a reality for Lexi Haas and her family. Lexi is living with Kernicterus, which has left her wheelchair bound, and unable to speak. However, there is no denying her joy and the dramatic impact “Gus” has with her mobility, physical therapy, and overall companionship. So yes, Dublin Dog is more than just a brand, we’re a driving force in fostering the wonderful partnership between humans and their K9 companions. Lucky us!


As you may have heard, we’re a little obsessed with scent and odor over here, obsessed with eliminating it as much as possible that is. In fact, we’ve grown our brand from our meager beginnings in a spare bedroom back in early 2006 by creating the “Original All Style, No Stink” dog collar. Easy to clean, non-porous, and water tight materials created a barrier to help prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria on your dog’s collar. The ASNS collar as we refer to it was the catalyst behind our growth and the rest is history as they say.

Well we’re up to it again, except this time it’s about the scent of your sofa…. Your slumber series dog sofa. These beds are unique for several reasons. 1) They have a luxurious micro-fiber cover that’s easy to clean. 2) We use intelli-Loft™ recycled polyfill that is sewn into clump-free baffles to eliminate shifting. 3) We are using Scent-Lok® activated carbon alloy inside our polyfill. Our beds have incorporated cutting edge technology originally created in the scent elimination world  for hospitals, clinics, and even hunting sports. While we won’t bore you with a series of 6-syllable words, we will tell you what it means for you and our new Slumber series dog bed.  While you can clean your cover in the washing machine, how do you remove the odor from your large, polyfilled insert? Easy… you simply throw it in the dyer to reactivate the carbon alloy and the odor is eliminated. You can continue to do this every several months as you begin to detect odor from your insert. So let your dog be a dog, and get dirty, muddy, nasty, and stinky, we’ll continue to come up with ways to ensure your house doesn’t do likewise.

BlogPost#2-5 BlogPost#2-4 BlogPost#2-1

It’s that time of year again when the air gets a little more crisp, the leaves on the trees burst into brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and glorious reds and we take time to hit the trail. There’s something almost therapeutic about getting outdoors with your dog and enjoying what nature has to offer. We use the mantra “disconnect to reconnect”, meaning put down the iphone, unplug from your email and enjoy the exercise and inspiration that a day outside with your pet can provide…..for both of you.

In this line of thinking, you’ll note that Dublin Dog has been expanding our line of products built for the outdoors, and helping to foster great adventures on the go. From our new Nomadic series of pads & collapsible bowls, to our growing line of KOA collars (some of which take inspiration from trout-filled Carolina streams), we will continue to grow our offerings that help facilitate outdoor play.  So steal a page from us here at Dublin Dog and disconnect & reconnect to nature, to your dog, and to yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

BlogPost#2-3 BlogPost#2-2

What’s not to love about the city of Austin, TX? Beyond being the capital of Texas, Austin boasts being the “live music capital of the world”. The city is filled with eclectic music venues, great restaurants, and funky shops, one of which is our very own crown jewel retailer, Dogadillo. (Who can’t love that name?)

Dogadillo, is a family affair with owners Mike, wife Lauren and daughter Lisa leading the pack when it comes to premium dog boutiques in Texas. Having been in business for over 4.5 years, they are tenacious at finding the best quality foods and products available on the market today. Owner Mike Conrad is a former biochemist which lends itself well to his discriminating eye for only premium ingredients when it comes to looking out for the health and well being of your pet.

For the Conrads, hanging out in Town Lake proves to be one of their favorite things to do. With amazing trails, an off-leash park for your buddy, and lots of opportunities to take a dip in the wet stuff, it's an outdoor enthusiast's dream. When asked about their favorite part of their job they said “Getting to meet new people, playing with dogs everyday, and turning customers into friends”. It’s no wonder Dogadillo was named Retailer of the Year for Outstanding Pet Boutique 2011/2012 from Pet Product News International. And it’s no wonder why the Dublin Dog Co is so proud to have them as an official retailer of our products. 12912 Hill Country Blvd. F155  Austin, TX 78738.  (512) 402-WOOF.

As part of growing our blog community, Dublin Dog Co will start to test and review products submitted from our fan base. Our goal is share great products, be those for humans or for our dogs that we may all benefit from. First on the list is one that I have personally been trying over the last 3-4 months, the Kuranda Dog Bed. As many of you know, I'm the proud owner of a 65lb female German Shepherd Dog, "Kona" as well as an 85lb lab mix named "Jake" (the profile for our logo). Both dogs have started to crest the proverbial "hill" into old age with Kona being 9 and Jake being 10. As with many GSD's, Kona experiences some hip and joint issues, yet she is still as spry and puppy-like when it comes to chasing sticks and running after bunnies. However her recovery can take longer after extended days of play and romping.

Jake on the other hand has what I like to refer to as a sprinkle problem. That's right, he's a leaker. It appears in his older age he has become incontinent. While we have him on an aggressive regimen of Proin 3x a day, the positive effects are starting to wane. The result is the frustrating and disconcerting reality that he leaks all over his bed, our oriental rugs, the hardwoods, and everywhere else he decides to rest. While we certainly don't blame him for his malady, there is no getting around the constant struggle to keep the house clean, Jake clean, and mopping up everywhere he goes. While "male wraps" have been employed, we hate to have that on him all the time. And his bed, oh dear heavens. It was becoming a sponge for odor and urine, as even his wrap would eventually bleed through.

Welome the Kuranda Bed. These beds offer both orthopedic comfort for the dog by keeping them elevated off the ground through a supportive woven fabric that is supported by an indestructible PVC pipe frame that comes in both Almond and Walnut, or aluminum  if you so desire. There other benefit of these beds are the fact that they breathe, in that they allow air to flow through the material based on which material you choose from their selection of 40 oz. Vinyl, Ballistic Nylon, Cordura, or a vinyl weave all in a variety of colors. We chose the vinyl weave as it allows for the most air flow and is extremely easy to clean with a hose. While it can't cure Jake's incontinence, it does allow for a more sanitary environment while also doing wonderful things for his joints. 

While they did not initially take to sleeping in the beds for long periods, they have grown to really enjoy them. There are also fleece covers that you can purchase for the beds (think pillow top) to make them even more comfortable. These are a great option for dog owners who would like an alternative to traditional mattress style beds, or who may have dogs with joint problems, allergies, or incontinence. We're big fans of these beds and this company as they do a lot for shelters and rescues as well. Kudos to Kuranda!

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