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At Dublin Dog Co, we realize our business and our products are only as good as the retailers and distributors who help promote them. So going forward, we want to help put the spotlight on those business who do it right and live out the Dublin Dog philosophy of creating your own luck and making a difference to our customers and dog lovers everywhere.

Our first feature is on Ketchum, Idaho's very own, Thunderpaws Pet Shoppe. Nestled right in the heart of main street Ketchum, owner Hurley Hamilton has spent the last twelve years catering to dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the Wood River Valley. Hurley focuses on giving back to her wonderful surroundings as much as she can by supporting the Wood River Valley Animal Shelter as well as the Environment Resource Center (ERC). Being a lover of the outdoors herself, Hurley loves skiing in the Winter with her granddaughter and hanging out at her cabin in the Summer. Being that Ketchum is a small town, Hurley has the benefit of walking to work with her dog and is only 5 minutes away  from the forest. So when pressed about her favorite place in Ketchum, she quickly responded with "everywhere".

Thunderpaws focuses on environmentally sustainable products and tries to rely on those made in the USA whenever possible. They share the Dublin Dog passion for getting out and getting active and Hurley Hamilton and her team do that with flare. Just take a look at their "Paw and Pole" event and you tell me if they're committed to making the most of your surroundings. Ineed, Hurley Hamilton and the staff at Thunderpaws have the right outlook on life, on their customers, and their pets. " I love having earned my grey hair, I no longer have to try so hard to be right about so many things. Age does mellow a person", says Hamilton. We know one thing for sure, when it comes to being RIGHT about great products and great nutrition, Thunderpaws in Ketchum Idaho is the place to go. We appreciate you and your great team!

Dublin Dog Co was just featured in the July Edition of Outside Magazine. The feature is called "The Outside Guide to Dogs" and I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you enjoy doing fun activities outside with your dog. Learn such things as: 1) Adventure Training 101 2)There are no unteachable dogs  3) Choose your adventure: sport specific tips for worry free play and of course 4) Gear of the Dog featuring the best equipment for your companion's next adventure including the Original All Style, No Stink "Tahitian Sky" collar for your's truly! It's cool to be the only product on the actual dog. Lucky Bastards!

The latest contest from Dublin Dog Co just kicked off today. We're looking for the quintessential happy go lucky (emphasis on lucky) dog. So send us your best video of your dog utilizing one of our Dublin Dog Co products (All Style, No Stink Collars, eco-Lucks, or Roxxter  toy) for your chance at winning over $350 in prizes, including a $250 gift card from Visit the "I'm a Dublin Dog" registration page today to enter. This promises to be one of the most fun contests we've run to date.  So enjoy, have fun, and show us how lucky you and your best friend REALLY are.


Dublin Dog Co is now offering sales up to 5o% off our "Original All Style, No Stink" dog collars in select colors. These include the incredibly popular Confession, Chai Latte, and Sangria, as well as the entire Camo Couture Collection as well. Why in the world would we do such a thing you ask? Easy. We want to continue to update our color offerings, keeping things fresh and fun. As such, we are doing new colors for the Arrgyle Collection as well as the Neapolitan. So if you want a few spare collars just in time for Summer, or know of another lucky dog (and owner) who could benefit from our 100% waterproof dog collars, please send them the following link for amazing savings.  Offer good while supplies last.


Guinness, aka "Earthquake Dog" is a stout 6- year old Irish Wolfhound who recently received a Local Hero Medal as part of the 2012 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards. Guinness and owner, 37 year old Sean Scully worked 12-hour days for three weeks as they both worked tirelessly in Christchurch's shattered eastern suburbs after the February earthquake.

Sean,who is also a medallist, said Guinness was very proud of himself and hoped the award would "increase his luck with the bitches at the dog park". Ah yes, we do too Guinness, we do too you lucky dog.  Emma Mcdonald, spokeswoman for New Zealander of the Year Awards, said Guinness was the first animal to receive a Local Hero Award.  He would most likely also be the last, she added.

To read the entire story click here.


Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you as they bark at what appears to be nothing? For Jake, my lab mix, barking is a non-stop activity and heaven forbid if there's a toy or leash around! Here are the 10 most common barks and what they typically mean as provided by K9 Magazine.

1. Continuous rapid barking, midrange pitch: “Call the pack! There is a potential problem! Someone is coming into our territory!” Continuous barking but a bit slower and pitched lower: “The intruder [or danger] is very close. Get ready to defend yourself!”

2. Barking in rapid strings of three or four with pauses in between, midrange pitch: “I suspect that there may be a problem or an intruder near our territory. I think that the leader of the pack should look into it.”

3. Prolonged or incessant barking, with moderate to long intervals between each utterance: “Is there anybody there? I’m lonely and need companionship.” This is most often the response to confinement or being left alone for long periods of time.

4. One or two sharp short barks, midrange pitch: “Hello there!” This is the most typical greeting sound.

 5. Single sharp short bark, lower midrange pitch: “Stop that!” This is often given by a mother dog when disciplining her puppies but may also indicate annoyance in any dog, such as when disturbed from sleep or if hair is pulled during grooming and so forth.

6. Single sharp short bark, higher midrange: “What’s this?” or “Huh?” This is a startled or surprised sound. If it is repeated two or three times its meaning changes to “Come look at this!” alerting the pack to a novel event. This same type of bark, but not quite as short and
sharp, is used to mean “Come here!”

Many dogs will use this kind of bark at the door to indicate that they want to go out. Lowering the pitch to a relaxed midrange means “Terrific!” or some other similar expletive, such as “Oh, great!” My cairn terrier, for example, who loves to jump, will give this single bark of joy when sent over the high jump. Other dogs give this same bark when given their food dish.

7. Single yelp or very short high-pitched bark: “Ouch!” This is in response to a sudden, unexpected pain.

8. Series of yelps: “I’m hurting!” “I’m really scared” This is in response to severe fear and pain.

9. Stutter-bark, midrange pitch: If a dog’s bark were spelled “ruff,” the stutter-bark would be spelled “ar-ruff.” It means “Let’s play!” and is used to initiate playing behavior.

10. Rising bark: This is a bit hard to describe, although once you’ve heard it, it is unmistakable. It is usually a series of barks, each of which starts in the middle range but rises sharply in pitch – almost a bark-yelp, though not quite that high. It is a play bark, used during rough-and- tumble games, that shows excitement and translates as “This is fun!”

What's your dog's most common bark? Do tell...

Check out Mickey with his Roxxter from Dublin Dog Co. The more videos we get on this, the more we find that dogs just go nuts for the wild action of this toy. They are a lot of fun, both with & without treats. We especially love the ending of this video where Mickey shows off his skills. Great fan contribution, we love it, and of course we love Mickey!

The beautiful thing about small business is that you can break all the rules, and so we plan on taking full advantage of that here at Dublin Dog Co. Why hire some high falutin marketing genius to come up with the names of our newest "Original All Style, No Stink" dog collars when we have you? Who knows more about dogs, fun, and what feels right then the very folks who use and adore our products? That's right, NOBODY! So welcome to your first day on the job. We need you,  your friends and family, including your dogs to vote on the various options for the five new color ways that will be introduced in the Spring of 2012.  Simply visit our Facebook "You name the collar" section and place your vote. There are three name options for each color way that were provided by our fans. So go ahead, step up to the plate and set the course for the collection. It's all you!!!

Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson has made a splash with dog lovers everywhere by creating these whimsical and brilliant motifs. The 11.6" x 16.4" prints feature six different images, perfect for complimenting your various moods and personalities. Read more on this designer through the great design site, The Designer Pad.

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